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by women.In general, women tend to be attracted to areas such as retail banking, fund management, insurance and other functions where people skills are at a premium -- these, traditionally, do not attract the higher bonuses, the BBA said.Women also often make different choices when it comes to balancing work and home life. The industry employs proportionately quite young people and this too can have an impact on salaries as it clashes with those years when more women than men take time out to look after children.80%(EHRC)50287547121455039%47%:55%28%•::2539:、、Vocabulary:disparity:the condition or fact of being unequal, as in age, rank, or degree; differencehold back:to restrain or checkat a premium:of exceptional quality or greater value than others of its kind; superiortake time out to:;
US food giant Kraft has proposed buying confectionary giant Cadbury in a £10.2bn ($16.7bn) move.102CadburyCadbury's produces some of the UK's best known chocolate bars Kraft said that the purchase of the maker of Dairy Milk would protect jobs in the UK - including saving a factory earmarked for closure. Christian Louboutin Scarpe The board of Cadbury has rejected the approach, Kraft said. Kraft said it wanted to build on Cadbury's brands and Christian Louboutin Italia that a deal would create a global powerhouse in snacks, confectionary and quick meals. Cadbury also owns the Green & Black's chocolate brand and Halls lozenges, Trident and Dentyne gum brands, and liquorice allsorts maker Bassett's. It span off its drinks division as a separate business last year. Kraft's brands include Kenco coffee, Oreo biscuits and Terry's Chocolate Orange.
The PC industry is coming out of the recession, the boss of the world's biggest chipmaker has told the BBC.BBCPaul Otellini was interviewed by the BBC The chief executive of Intel said the industry was likely to sell as many computers in 2009 as it had in 2008. Considering the depth and breadth of Christian Louboutin Scarpe the recession [that] is a pretty good result, said Paul Otellini. Analysts had predicted a big fall in PC sales
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